Personalised branded clothes hangers


Valentino’s Displays have recently introduced personalised coat hangers in the form of vinyl stickers. This is an alternative option for those customers who are looking to get branded hangers.

Our branded hangers are usually in the form of printed hangers with a logo or engraved wooden hangers where the logo is laser etched into the surface of the wood with our latest state of the art machinery.

Vinyl sticker branding is a cheaper option in comparison to ink and laser. These stickers can be used on all types of hanger materials whether you intend to use wood or plastic. Sticker marketing helps you stick out in the minds of busy customers or stand out amongst friends. You don’t need a large budget. You can give stickers away affordably. Sticker marketing works wonders as a media.

They can also be used to enhance existing promotional items. Sometimes it makes sense to buy custom printed packaging or promotional products when the quantity is high enough to justify the cost. However, when you only require 1, 50, or a few hundred of any kind of packaging or promotional item, it is often far more cost-effective to apply stickers or labels. Why pay for what you don’t need? What do you think of the images below?

For those interested in any of our personalized hanger services or bespoke displays please visit our website. Alternatively, contact us on 01489 808007 or by email –

Personalised Coat Hangers UK

Personalised White Wooden Hangers

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