Valentino’s print clothes hangers & coat hangers


Did you know that Valentino’s Displays custom print plastic clothes hangers and wooden coat hangers? UK printed hangers branded with a logo, custom made to your specification. Ideal for all types of retail fashion display.

We have recently just completed two customised client projects. Both bespoke coathanger projects involving printing a logo directly onto the surface of the natural wooden coat hangers.

What do you think of the results? The below images of our personalised hangers were taken before they were packed up and dispatched.

Customized Clothes Hangers

Customized Coat Hangers

Personalised Wooden Hangers with Print

Custom Wood Hanger

Customised Clothes Hangers UK

Custom Clothes Hangers UK

Custom Wooden Clothes Hangers UK

Coat Hangers Customised with Logo

Whether you are looking for a single colour or up to a four colour print this is all achievable at Valentino’s Displays. We even produce etched hangers where our laser etches into the body of the hanger using the latest state of the art machinery in our UK premises. When it comes to branded hangers with logo trust Valentino’s to deliver custom hangers suited for your requirements.

You can contact us by visiting us here, alternatively, you can email us at or call us on 01489 808007 for more information on how we can personalise your brand onto retail hangers.

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