Shoppers go for the clothes hangers in post-Christmas sales

Across the south coast as I’m sure across the country right now shoppers are hitting the UK high street for the post-Christmas sales.

Looking for a bargain, consumers will be high street shopping handling all varieties of clothes hangers across the UK, whether retailers are using wooden clothes hangers or plastic coat hangers, unbranded or hangers branded with a logo, these coat hangers will be one of many shopfitting items regularly used before the winter holidays finish.

Major retailers are reporting increased sales for this time of year compared with past years however it remains to be seen whether it’s too little too late for some retailers from more profit warnings and insolvencies.

Shoppers go for the clothes hangers in post-Christmas sales Valentino's Displays Blog

The biggest concern is when consumers believe the best of the sale items have gone then their wallets and purses will be put away for a while into 2012 for another difficult year ahead.

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