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Clothes Hangers

Clothes Hangers recently produced for Judge & Jury Clothing. A British menswear brand born in Manchester. A breakout brand that knows its own mind, just like the people who wear it. White wash clothes hangers are ideal if you are looking for contemporary finished clothes hangers with thick 6mm chunky hooks perfect for fashion retailers.

Clothes Hangers Printed With Logo

For this particular hanger project we were required to print the Judge & Jury corporate logo across two styles of clothes hangers, a single sided black print against the white wash finished hanger body.

Clothes Hangers UK

Our white wash clothes hangers are a premium hanger designed for high end retailers and those looking for superior coat hangers to match their brand image. Made from chunky beech wood coupled with chunky chrome hooks these clothes hangers are sure to attract customers attention.

When it comes to visual merchandising these clothes hangers are exactly what you need in a retail environment. They are different and not what you are likely to see in many high street shops up and down the UK, they are not your typical clothes hanger.

UK Clothes Hangers

Of all our bespoke hanger projects we have created this is one of our favourites. We feel these particular clothes hangers that were used together with the corporate logo matches the brands image which gives you a final result of excellent looking hangers for visual display when merchandising fashion garments.

Clothes Hangers Branded

The above images show are rounded flat neck white wash top hangers which are 40cm wide with non slip rubber ends and include notches. These clothes hangers are boxed in pieces of 100 and are ideal for male and female garments.

Clothes Hangers - Judge & Jury

The above image shows our squared neck white wash jacket hanger ideal for heavier garments. They are squared off at the top rather than rounded and are 39cm wide by 4.5cm deep, these clothes hangers come boxed in 24 pieces.

You can see our full range of coat hangers or visit our printed clothes hangers pages for more details.

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