Bespoke hanger printing for Adidas


Bespoke hanger printing is one of the many services Valentino’s Displays offer. We have recently produced bespoke UK coat hangers and clothes hangers for sports giant, Adidas.

The project for Adidas

Adidas was looking for various style coat hangers all to be branded with their famous corporate logo. From the images below you will see our client decided on black clothes hangers with their logo branding in white. For an eye-catching display it’s important you contrast colours so the ink stands out on the hanger. Indeed, when merchandising garments within a store you want to draw eyes to the subject in question.

We were required to print a quantity of each coat hanger style within a certain time frame and then dispatch them to our client. Ensuring they could use them to merchandise new sportswear for the summer of 2013. The styles of the coat hangers varied. We supplied a top hanger designed for sports apparel and a trouser hanger for shorts and bottom-wear.

Let us help choose the right hangers for your display

A lot of our clients prefer to purchase varying types of clothing hangers to ensure all their garment needs are met. However, some customers also prefer to purchase one hanger that caters to all garments. Effectively not needing to purchase multiple styles. It’s equally important that a customer has some idea of what they need from a hanger e.g. style and approx size. We can always offer our advice on choosing the right hangers for you. Effectively it is your personal opinion.

The benefits of branded hangers within a retail environment include;

  • Superb Marketing Tool
  • Highly Visible
  • Lasting Impression On Customers
  • Effective Way To Merchandise Your Product
  • No Minimum Order Quantity
  • Long-Lasting
  • Superb Prices

Furthermore, we have various website pages providing our clients more information about our bespoke shopfitting services which can be seen below;

It was our pleasure to work with Adidas on this project and we look forward to working with Adidas again soon for all their upcoming shopfitting and visual display requirements.

Adidas Hangers Printed with Logo

Adidas Bespoke Coat Hangers

Branded Hangers for Adidas

Bespoke Hangers UK for Adidas

Custom Printed Hangers UK for Adidas

Adidas Custom Printed Hangers

Printed Logo Hangers for Adidas

Adidas Clothes Hangers Printed with Logo

Custom Coat Hangers with Adidas Print

Bespoke Coat Hangers with Adidas Print

Coat Hangers with Adidas Logo

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